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Art Gaysel

Hotel Gaythering

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By: Ian Maloney | November 7, 2019

Art Gaysel 2019

Hotel Gaythering’s Art Gaysel is back and taking over the entire hotel!

Miami Beach’s Hotel Gaythering will expand its successful art festival Art Gaysel, taking place this year from December 5-9, 2019. What originally started off as a small show to accompany and play off of the main show of Miami Art Week and Art Basel, the show has grown steadily. As it enters its fifth year, Art Gaysel promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Things will be a little different for the 2019 show. Like in previous years, resident artists will use their hotel room at the Gaythering as their own personal workshop/gallery. However, this year, the show will take over the entire hotel, featuring three floors of art.

Alex Guerra, the hotel’s co-owner and organizer of the show, has worked hard to ensure that amazing artists from all over the world are represented in this show. “Two years ago, I decided to bring in artists and test out what it would be like to put them up in rooms and let them showcase their art. It was an experiment but it really worked. Last year I decided to do the entire second floor and it worked out really well. I decided right then that I would block of the entire hotel for 2019 show so this year all three floors will be filled with artists showcasing their work.”

The principal headlining artist will be photographer Sam Morris, a Berlin-based British photographer whose spectacular erotic images titillate the senses. According to Guerra “As a photographer myself, I wanted to incorporate more photography this year.”

Guerra’s photography will also be displayed along with the Gaythering’s own in-house artist Depaul Vera. Vera is a Miami Beach resident and a Tennessee native who received a Master’s in Fine Art from the University of Nevada. His work is “grounded in the pursuit of understanding desire through curiously exploring different methods of art making–ranging from drawing and silk-screening to archiving and collaging”

While there will be no shortage of queer talent on display during the show, perhaps one of the most interesting will be New York City-based artist Knitty Gritty. This artist will feature his knitted jock straps and harnesses and will also have two knitting classes during the fair. One will be a Miami Beach version of his nude knitting class, which will draw on its success in NYC. There will also be a less risqué version where knitters will be clothed.

Returning this year is the Spanish artist Bran Sólo whose love of the sea often comes through in his work as the color blue. He often paints his subjects as blue rather than with more typically humanistic colors to represent his love for the sea. After a successful first show in Malaga, Bran Sólo burst onto the Spanish art scene and has become of a fan favorite at Art Gaysel in years past.

New to Art Gaysel this year is multidisciplinary artist Cachorro Lozano, who is also from Spain and whose art really caught the eye of Guerra, the show’s organizer. “I’m really excited about his participation because I love nostalgic work with crayons.” His work focuses on the theme of the construction of identity, particularly the identity of the queer subject in Europe in the twenty-first century.

Perhaps the most recognizable artist to those who have been to Art Gaysel in the past, and whose work will be on display this year, is Jonathan Kent Adams. According to Guerra, his work has been at every Art Gaysel. Adams studied Fine Art at the University of Mississippi and resides in Oxford, Mississippi. “I love the unfinished moments and unconventional presentation. Those moments allow viewers a place to be themselves,” said Adams.

Since the show has expanded this year, there are far too many artists to mention here. You will have to come out Hotel Gaythering to see them all for yourself. Bring a friend and have a gay old time!

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