Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery Opening

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery Opening

Dec 5, 2019


This December, the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery will open a new gallery space in Miami, in addition to its two London sites. The Rebecca Hossack Miami Project is situated in the central Little Havana neighborhood; it will open with an exhibition of work by Kansas-based artist, John Holcomb.

The new Miami space will enable the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery to continue staging ambitious exhibitions, offering flexibility to the gallery’s diverse group of artists.

In this body of work Holcomb explores the beauty and mystery of the female form using bold colors and confident lines. It is a vision imbued with a rich sense of both romanticism and history.

In each artwork, the background is composed entirely of one color. Within the monochrome passages Holcomb inserts a myriad of references to the beauty of women, including photographs and famous paintings. Each space has been decorated with vases, fruits and fabrics, all of which reflect the shape of a woman and how she makes the artist feel. This lush sensuality of imagery in Holcomb’s paintings confronts the historical repression of American puritan traditions. Unlike the static background, the woman in each painting is alive in wild complimentary colour.

John Holcomb has exhibited across the USA at art fairs in New York, San Francisco, Miami and Palm Springs, as well as in Singapore, Hong Kong and Paris. This is his first solo exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.

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