The Muses Experience

The Muses Experience

Dec 6 - 7, 2019
1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

The Muses Experience which is in its second year, is intended to serve as a Women's Empowerment gallery/event that turns a mega yacht, the Seafair into a floating art installation that showcases a line up of all-female artists and it includes entertainment from all-female DJs, performers and entertainers.

The gallery/event is entitled "Muses" or The Muses Experience because each of the artists serves as an inspiration to others and despite each artist's many artistic talents, many of the artists have also been extremely successful in other ventures such as modeling, acting, or business, in addition to being such talented artists.

Originally, the Seafair was crafted as a high-end traveling art gallery ship that would sail up and down the seaboard displaying fine art and jewelry; The Muses Experience is designed to return the ship to its roots, as art and fine jewelry will be on display. The Muses Experience consists of two phases each day. During the first phase, the ship will be docked and the public will be able to board the ship and view the art works of the participating artist on board the ship.

During the second phase, only select-invited patrons will have the opportunity to board the ship for the private gallery cruise. This second phase is primarily where the sponsors, celebrities, various social media influencers, athletes and other taste makers attend. During this phase, the ship cruises Biscayne Bay until midnight while the invitees are able to view the works of art and celebrate the "supreme power of female creativity!"

This Event is FREE to the Public

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