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By: Maika Moulite

Looking to shop at Black-owned businesses in Greater Miami & Miami Beach? We’ve gathered some information about Black-owned retail and online shops in Miami for you.

Ranging from handmade beauty brands to a carefully curated bookstore/library to apparel shops, Miami’s Black-owned stores provide more than just products. In fact, these Black-owned shops showcase Miami’s distinct heritage, highlighting stories of entrepreneurial spirit and advocacy. While August is National Black Business Month, consider supporting Black-owned shops, restaurants, companies and organizations all year long – and then share information about them on social media and in real life conversations.

Find more information about Black-owned businesses in Miami.

Angelic Hand Creations, Historic Overtown

“It has brought me great joy to create products that help boost the confidence of many people around the world,” says Carla Key, owner of the Angelic Hand Creations skincare line in Historic Overtown. Created in 2016, Angelic Hand Creations began as a candle business but has since evolved to provide handmade cosmetics including soaps, scrubs, body butters, masks and more, for a variety of skin types.

Key is driven by a desire to make skincare easy and affordable, and she shares her love of all things skincare on Angelic Hand Creations’ social media pages, providing tips and helpful instructions on how clients can have the best skin possible. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Key used social media to reach her customers, offering a behind-the-scenes look at many of her handmade creations while also discussing the challenges and triumphs of running a small business.

Key’s product recommendations are curated to help alleviate an assortment of conditions such as dry or oily skin, eczema and hyperpigmentation. Her products feature nourishing ingredients such as turmeric, oatmeal and rose oil. Key has even used suggestions from her clients to create new product lines (so don’t be shy when it comes to sharing your thoughts on the Angelic Hand Creations social media pages). Whether you’re in search of a complete beauty regimen or hoping to select a few new favorite beauty treatments, Angelic Hand Creations has a product to meet your skincare needs.

The COOL Miami, Liberty City & Miami Gardens

The COOL Miami is cool in more than just name. When Eric Wooden began his apparel business in 2013 by selling T-shirts out of his car, he always knew that he wanted to put a brick-and-mortar business in Liberty City one day. In 2018, that dream became reality when the Liberty City native brought his “one-stop shop” to his neighborhood. The COOL Miami now has two Miami locations (one in Miami Gardens and the original in Liberty Square) as well as a third storefront in Atlanta.

Edgy Miami flair is apparent in every item The COOL Miami sells, including shirts, shorts, hats, jeans and socks. The brand also infuses pop culture references and imagery you might recognize from films such as “Juice” (1992) and “Paid in Full” (2002), as well as the popular 70s sitcom “Sanford and Son.” Wooden is always developing new ways to bring The COOL Miami’s graphic tees and apparel to his growing fan base and has plans to open a mobile boutique.

Fans range from everyday locals to Miami rapper, Rick Ross, who’s even commended The COOL Miami’s efforts in honoring the memory of late rapper Nipsey Hussle. Expanding The COOL Miami brand has required a large investment of time and money, with some missteps made along the way, but Wooden hopes to inspire others in his community to “never give up” on chasing their dreams.

Libreri Mapou Bookstore, Little Haiti

Founded by Haitian playwright, activist and leader of the Creole Movement in Haiti, Jan Mapou, Libreri Mapou has been a cultural mainstay in the Little Haiti community since 1990. Mapou has dedicated his life to bettering the Haitian community and its diaspora by maintaining and promoting the culture via “Haitian and African literatures” distributed in French, English and Creole.

Born Jean-Marie Willer Denis, Jan Mapou’s name comes from the Haitian mapou tree, under which oral histories and stories are shared. In 2011, the Library of Congress recognized Libreri Mapou as a Haitian cultural institution and honored Mapou’s efforts as a bibliophile committed to pouring “his deep knowledge” and “commitment” to Haiti into the well-recognized and oft-applauded bookstore. In addition to finding all kinds of books related to Haiti and the diaspora, shoppers can also purchase arts and crafts created by Haitian artisans, and sample kremas, a creamy alcoholic beverage frequently served at parties and during the holiday season in Haiti.

Nudz, Online

One February night in 2013, Sheila Donaldson encountered a dilemma when she selected a dress for a night on the town in Miami. Unable to find a strapless bra that was closer to her skin tone to go with her outfit, which she describes as “chocolate-covered espresso bean,” Donaldson decided at that moment to create Nudz.

Officially founded in 2014, Nudz is an intimate apparel brand that foregoes the industry standard of beige as the only nude option for its clientele. Donaldson frequently expresses that “what is nude for one woman isn't nude for another” and thus provides an extensive collection for her clients to choose from.

Each Nudz undergarment is named after a popular celebrity (such as Lupita Nyong’o, Adriana Lima and Gabrielle Union) whose skin tone matches one of the 10 shades available in the debut line. With a mission to redefine nude and banish beige as the default standard in the intimate apparel industry, Nudz is helping to create more inclusive products for every consumer.

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