Accessibility at Miami International Airport

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By: Casey Kendall

Passengers who have special needs will find a friendly welcome at Miami International Airport (MIA).

The airport follows the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, and it conducts ongoing ADA awareness and sensitivity training for employees. The training focuses on how to assist all guests, including those who have disabilities that are not readily apparent, and how to interact with children and adults who have special needs. The kindness you will experience is a valued characteristic of MIA staff.

Help at Your Fingertips

Start planning your trip to Greater Miami & Miami Beach at MIA’s myMIAccess page, where you’ll find resources and links that will speed you on your way. Check out the Passenger Info tab for useful links about parking, accessible ground transportation, restrooms, wheelchair assistance and security screening.

Passengers who have such invisible disabilities as autism, sensory disorders or hearing loss can request a Sunflower Lanyard to wear in the airport that will subtly identify them to airport staff.

Passengers who are blind or have low vision can use the Aira visual interpreting service to contact a live remote guide to help them navigate the terminal via the Aira mobile app (iOS and Android). MIA is part of the Aira network, and use of the service is free while you’re in the airport.

Ready to Go

Wheelchair accessibility is strategic and obvious at the airport, from the parking lot through the concourse and terminals, to include every eatery, store and restroom area. Wheelchair charging stations are available in multiple locations. Contact your airline for wheelchair assistance.

Each food vendor sets its own menu, so keep an eye out for the options that fit your needs. You’ll find that many have special offerings for people who have restricted diets.

Every Traveler Can Use a Little Break

The myMIAccess page also provides detailed maps to help travelers with disabilities find adaptive facilities and other accommodations:

  • Companion and adaptive restrooms – more than 35 unisex or disability-adapted restrooms are available throughout the airport.
  • Multi-Sensory Rooms in Concourse D and the South Terminal provide a calm, stimulating environment for passengers who have cognitive or developmental disabilities.
  • MIAmamas nursing pods and suites in each concourse welcome nursing mothers.
  • Service Animal Relief Areas offer artificial turf, waste bags – and even a fire hydrant.

Before You Travel

The amenities and accommodations mentioned above are specific to Miami International Airport, but some preparation will help you move smoothly through any airport:

  • Travel at off-peak hours.
  • Call your airline ahead of time to make sure your party’s seats are together and near the bathroom.
  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) offers special procedures for travelers who have disabilities. Secure an appointment with TSA Cares to avoid standing in long lines, and make sure the TSA agent you deal with is trained for travelers with special needs (especially if you must travel during peak hours).
  • Arrive early and speak with the gate agent about pre-boarding privileges.

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