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Standing out in the sea of critically-acclaimed restaurants and bars that call Miami Beach home is no small task, but Azabu Miami Beach manages to do exactly that. Tucked inside the Marriott Stanton in the vibrant South of Fifth, or SOFI, neighborhood, this distinctive venue serves up so much more than a standard dining experience, housing three incredible spaces and a virtually-endless array of food and flavor.

A Michelin-Starred Concept in the Heart of Miami Beach

The first thing to know about Azabu Miami Beach is that it’s unlike any other restaurant or bar in the city, offering a spectrum of experiences under a single, stylish roof. Originally hailing from the Azabu district in Tokyo, Japan, Azabu Miami Beach is based on a Michelin-starred concept that has built a passionate following in the States in Tribeca, New York City. Upon arriving in Miami Beach, its founder was determined to provide the community with something new, innovative, and unforgettable – a mission he certainly achieved with Azabu Miami Beach.

There are three separate but connected spaces within the venue, each one united by incredible food, drinks, and service. First is the full-service dining room, where diners can take a front-row seat to the chefs’ culinary prowess thanks to the large, open kitchen. Just steps beyond the dining room is The Den, one Michelin Star, a hidden gem where Tokyo-trained sushi chefs craft some of the best sashimi and sushi in Miami. Finally, Bar Azabu is the venue’s classic cocktail bar, serving the best sakes in the world and more than 40 different imported whiskeys.

Unparalleled Service Rooted in Japanese Tradition

One of the key values inspiring the Azabu Miami Beach mission is summed up simply by the Japanese word omotenashi, which translates to “selfless service.” The core belief of omotenashi is that a restaurant’s staff should approach every guest with the ultimate sincerity, seeking to meet every need before a request is ever spoken out loud. Rather than a forced hello or awkward table chat, omotenashi is rooted in the idea that genuine service is critical to an excellent dining experience.

At Azabu Miami Beach, this concept comes to life in the warm, friendly ambiance and impeccable service, which will leave you feeling like you’ve been welcomed into the home of a close friend or family member. Your food is prepared quickly and to perfection, your server will check in to make sure you have everything you need, and you’ll be encouraged to take your time and enjoy your visit to the fullest – essentially, it’s the ideal restaurant experience that you never realized was missing from your evenings out.

Tokyo-Style Comfort Food in an Approachable, Elegant Atmosphere

When you first step into Azabu Miami Beach, you might be struck by the space’s simple but stylish elegance. The restaurant doesn’t aim for the stuffy, overly formal feel that so many other award-winning venues prefer; instead, guests are immediately put at ease by the laidback mood. The Azabu Miami Beach menu features an incredibly well-rounded selection of authentic Japanese dishes, many of which are graced by a modern twist.

Many of the menu’s dishes are prepared on a Japanese grill called a robata, which uses binchotan coal to reach searing temperatures of over 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll be able to watch the talented chefs work their culinary magic from nearly any seat in the restaurant, thanks to the open kitchen flanked by a comfortable bar. A large majority of the dishes are designed to be shared, and surprisingly affordable prices make Azabu Miami Beach an excellent place for a night out with friends.

Whether you’re a devoted whiskey lover or just looking for something new to drink, it’s impossible not to be wowed by the more than 40 varieties of Japanese whiskey available. The extensive whiskey selection, paired with a diverse beer, wine, cocktail, and sake menu, truly has something to offer for everybody. For guests that want to sample more than one or two types of sake, the Azabu and Dassai sake flights each serve up a trio of delicious sakes that will surely satisfy.

Once you’ve ordered your drinks for the night, it’s time to tackle the task of ordering – which is no small challenge once you’re faced with the delicious array of crave-worthy dishes on the menu. Options like wasabi beef skewers, stone-seared American Wagyu, lobster tempura, chili garlic edamame, and tuna pizza will catch your eye with their mix of traditional and innovative ingredients, illustrating the limitless creativity of the team at Azabu Miami Beach.

If you’re craving a more intimate dining experience and a roll or two of freshly-prepared sushi, step into The Den next to the main dining room. With just 18 seats and an omakase-style approach, this sushi counter is a can’t-miss Miami Beach hot spot.

Plan Your Night Out at Azabu Miami Beach

Ready to reserve your table at Azabu Miami Beach? Whether you plan to stop by for drinks at Bar Azubu, share a few sushi rolls at The Den, or dive into the restaurant’s full menu, you can be sure that it will be an experience you won’t soon forget. Azabu Miami Beach also hosts private events and provides off-site catering, going above and beyond to deliver on their signature omotenashi promise.

Make your reservations online now or visit the Azabu Miami Beach website to learn more about this shining gem in the Miami culinary community.

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