Best Places to Eat in the Everglades

Miccosukee Resort & Gaming

Everglades Gator Grill

Everglades Gator Grill

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By: Shayne Benowitz

If you’re planning a daytrip to the Everglades, don’t hit the road before reading our guide on the best places to eat. Get ready for a fun-filled, action-packed day surrounded by the natural beauty of this astonishing national park and fuel up before or after at one of these delightful restaurants.

Miccosukke Resort Dinner
Visit Miccosukee Resort & Gaming for delicious food and exciting gambling

Miccosukee Resort & Gaming

Found at the edge of the Everglades off Southwest 8th Street, Miccosukee Resort & Gaming is an excellent place to stop for a bite to eat when you’re exploring the Everglades. We love their Empeeke Aaweeke International Buffet, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Expect everything from pasta to steak and fresh fish along with steamed vegetables, fruit and plenty of other sides. You can make an entire day of your visit and spend time on the casino floor or visit the Indian Village for alligator demonstrations and airboat rides. 500 SW 177th Ave, Miami, FL 33194

Coopertown offers both thrilling airboat tours and delicious dining experiences

Coopertown Everglades Airboat Tour & Restaurant

Coopertown is one of the first airboat operators you’ll encounter once you’ve entered the ‘glades’ from Southwest 8th Street. It’s also conveniently home to a down home restaurant adjacent to its gift shop. Fuel up before or after you take a spin on their airboats and visit their gator show. You’re going to find some rather unique menu items here that are specialties of the Everglades. Think, frog legs, gator tail, catfish filets and other delicacies found in the swamp. This is adventurous eating, but you’ll be surprised at how appetizing these reptiles are when deep fried. 22700 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33194

Tippy’s Outpost

Located deep in the Everglades off Highway 41, Tippy’s Outpost is a unique marketplace surrounded by the “river of grass.” Situated inside a red clapboard structure with a thatched roof, you’ll find a convenient store with souvenirs and all kinds of items ideal for a road trip pit-stop: snacks, sodas, magazines. There’s also a covered patio on a canal with wooden furniture and picnic-style seating. Here, you can enjoy items from their grill menu, including burgers, gator bites and baked goods. The outpost was established by a Native American alligator wrestler over 20 years ago and provides a unique glimpse into the culture of the Everglades. 39025 SW 8th St, Ochopee, FL 34141

Everglades Gator Grill

If you’re heading to the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center entrance to the Everglades in Florida City, make a pit stop at Everglades Gator Grill on the way. It’s a casual counter with outdoor picnic table seating beneath a tropical thatched palapa. You’ll find a nice variety of hearty comfort food here like shrimp po’ boys, burgers, fried chicken, chili cheese fries and fried clams. And, yes, you’ll also find their famous grilled gator sandwich on the menu. Be adventurous and give it a try—it tastes like chicken! 36650 SW 192nd Ave, Homestead, FL 33034

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