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By Angela Caraway-Carlton

Get Out and See Miami with Those Who Know It Best

With all of its history, natural wonders, diverse cultures and exotic food, Miami isn’t just an ideal place to vacation. It’s also the perfect place to host a meeting, conference or event. Step back in time and learn about Miami’s interesting past (and future) on a history tour. Explore its rich ecosystem teeming with marine life by kayak or canoe. Embark on a culinary adventure, sampling cuisines from all over the world.

Crandon Park
Crandon Park

Explore Your Wild Side with an Eco Adventure Tour

Miami isn’t just all beautiful beaches and sugary, white sand — the city is also filled with beautiful waterways, teeming with vast marine life, mangroves, tidal pools and scenic trails. The best way to explore Miami’s rich and diverse ecosystem, while learning about the city’s natural treasures, is with an “eco tour.” Miami EcoAdventures extends the chance to connect with nature, while connecting with your group. Their naturalists offer guided tours and team building retreats that involve snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing Miami’s crystal-clear waters, or stay on dry land with biking and hiking tours of local trails.

“Our primary goal is to connect people with the environment and make them all stewards,” says David Webb, a nature coordinator for Miami-Dade County’s EcoAdventures. “Each participant will learn about the natural environment, but the real takeaway is fun, enjoyment, and connections. We want people to truly love these special places as we do and help us protect them.

With six different nature centers around Miami-Dade County, you’ll have a hard time choosing which adventure to take. Groups can kayak the shoreline of Crandon Park on beautiful Key Biscayne, paddling over seagrass beds where schools of fish swim and sea urchins patrol the bottom, and eventually arrive at the northern tip of the island to snorkel a fossilized mangrove reef (one of only two in the world outside of Japan); embark on a nighttime paddle to view the incredible bioluminescent creatures lighting up the water; or take a quiet paddle through a mangrove forest at Matheson Hammock and discover an underwater world filled with sea stars and even crocodiles.

“Being that we border the tropics, we are the gateway to Caribbean species of plants and animals for North America. This is why many of our habitats are so biodiverse. They possess a concentration of numerous species from both regions,” explains Webb. “Whether kayaking, snorkeling or hiking, we create memories to last a lifetime.”

Cuban Ice Cream at Azucar in Little Havana
Cuban Ice Cream at Azucar in Little Havana

Taste Miami on a Food Tour

With an explosion of flavors and culinary techniques, Miami has so much to offer when it comes to cuisine. While there’s no better way to click with coworkers than sharing a great meal together, instead of simply dining out at a restaurant, hop on a gastronomic tour such as Miami Culinary Tours which blends food with architecture, history and culture. The longtime company offers private tours like the popular Miami City Tour, a culinary journey through three of the area’s top multicultural neighborhoods: South Beach, Wynwood Arts District and Little Havana.

“Miami is a melting pot of cultures. These tours give the opportunity to taste many different cultures in just 5 hours,” says Grace Della, owner of Miami Culinary Tours. “We educate people on what is happening in the Miami food scene, along with offering information on the history and ingredients of the food we are tasting.”

In South Beach, guests will sample Colombian and Peruvian cuisine, while discovering Art Deco buildings. In artsy Wynwood, experience “Nuevo Latino” cuisine, which is a modern twist on Latin foods like empanadas and maduros, coupled with a tour of Wynwood’s famous outdoor murals. “We really educate them on what graffiti is and the different styles,” explains Della. The last stop is Little Havana, where guests will sip Miami’s signature cocktail, a mojito, cool off with Cuban ice cream, all while learning about the culture in this lively community.

Blue House in Stiltsville
Blue House in Stiltsville

Step Back into Time on a History Tour

Miami may be a relatively “young” city, but it has a rich and interesting history. The best place to get acquainted with Miami’s past and present is at the HistoryMiami Museum in the heart of Downtown Miami. Whether it’s onsite in the museum galleries, or via one of their many off-site tours of landmarks and sites throughout South Florida, the organization takes visitors on an unforgettable journey of the area’s history and diverse culture.

“Our tours offer a great way for companies to get out of the office and take in our great city. Companies don’t just want doers, but thinkers too and our tours make you think about the past so you can inspire the future,” says Stuart Chase, President/CEO of HistoryMiami Museum.

The nationally acclaimed HistoryMiami City Tours program extends endless options for visitors to immerse themselves in Miami’s key areas. Sightseers can board a boat tour down the Miami River or cruise past Stiltsville, a group of homes built on stilts in the middle of Key Biscayne. By foot, guests can take the Downtown Archaeology and Architecture Walk, or hop on a Mystery, Mayhem and Vice tour to hear about Miami’s most infamous. There’s also the chance to see the city with a true historian of Miami, Dr. Paul George, that can be customized to a client’s preference. All tours also include a pass to the museum.

“We will whisk you off to all the fun and amazing places most people walk by every day that go unnoticed,” says Chase. “We take you from the iconic spots to hidden gems to give an entertaining and inspiring journey with your team.”

Hosting an event or meeting at HistoryMiami is like going back in time and taking part in one of Miami’s historic happenings. Choose from the Mural Gallery, a gallery which features ceiling-high murals that offer great photo opportunities; the colorful Folk Life Gallery, a gallery which displays the diverse and rich cultures of Miami; the South Building Mural Lobby, a gathering area which boasts a black-and-white historical events mural made by local artists; a theater which offers a stage and audio visual equipment; and the outdoor Plaza, which is great for large festivals, music events, artist collaboratives.

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