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Enhanced Mobility

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Mobility is key to moving visitors around to explore more of Greater Miami. Promoting greater dispersal of visitors and their spending is important to regional economic growth throughout other parts of the destination. Better mobility also provides the local workforce more efficient access to jobs. There are high-level strategies underway to improve transportation throughout Greater Miami, including the comprehensive Miami-Dade SMART multi-modal mobility plan. The GMCVB’s partners are eager to understand how this long-range planning will impact their operations.


  1. Collect and share all of the different community transportation plans, and support implementation with visitor data.
  2. Collaborate more effectively with city and county transportation officials to advocate local, state and federal government for expanded funding.
  3. Collaborate with MIA to develop a better visitor experience and improved destination messaging.
  4. Advocate for more efficient transportation access for hospitality workers county-wide. Develop incentives with partners (employers, hotels, restaurants, hotel developers) to include ridesharing credits.
  5. Support the development of new mobility innovations to enhance walkability, bikeability and non-motorized connectivity.
  6. Begin planning for the rollout of fully autonomous vehicle systems in 3-5 years.
  7. Develop more comprehensive online materials to help visitors and locals navigate the county without single occupancy vehicles.