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Long Term Organizational Sustainability

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The GMCVB has been effective as a catalyst for visitor and economic growth during the last several decades. However, there is increasing competition for consumer dollars as the global visitor economy grows every year, with emerging and existing destinations investing heavily in their infrastructure and visitor experience. The following initiatives are designed to ensure the continued success of the organization over the next few decades.


  1. Ensure that the GMCVB is effectively funded over the long-term to deliver on its expanded role.
  2. Embrace global evolution from destination marketing to destination stewardship. Establish new rules of engagement with government, industry and community.
  3. Generate greater synergies and foster diversity and inclusivity within the GMCVB.
  4. Develop senior management succession plans.
  5. Expand focus on Board composition and leadership, and define responsibilities to support specific goals/initiatives.
  6. Consistently review organizational structure to reflect evolving roles.