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Proactive Destination Development

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There are significant opportunities for expanded collaboration among the GMCVB and local economic development agencies and community organizations to leverage their collective assets, knowledge and networks more strategically.


  1. Align economic, community, and tourism development around a shared sustainable vision for Miami’s future.
  2. Support iconic community improvement initiatives with organizations (i.e. BIDs, DDA, CRAs, etc.) to elevate visitor experience and brand image.
  3. Collaborate with arts, cultural, civic and academic organizations to develop an inclusive creative industry cluster, event series and ambassador program.
  4. Expand awareness of resiliency initiatives such as Resilient305.
  5. Cluster smaller cities together to develop regional sub-brands/campaigns around their collective assets.
  6. Develop segment-specific 1-3 day travel itineraries to disperse visitors county-wide.
  7. Elevate role in attracting mega consumer events by convening local leaders in different sectors to liaison with their global networks.
  8. Leverage new port of call opportunities to increase volume of non-home-port ships.
  9. Develop a new luxury, fashion and retail platform to further elevate Miami as a global capital at the forefront of lifestyle trends.