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Strategic Sales & Marketing

An expanded sales and marketing strategy should focus on diversifying the Greater Miami brand in alignment with the destination’s evolution in both the leisure and meetings sectors. This includes developing digital engagement that encompasses a broad spectrum of partners throughout the county.


  1. Update and diversify the Greater Miami brand to deliver a fully developed global community narrative.
  2. Develop a Florida visitor campaign with regional partners customized to local in-state markets.
  3. Further develop a meetings sales strategy leveraging key economic sectors to target high-value events in tech, medical, finance, creative, resiliency, etc.
  4. Partner with regional and global digital, media and entertainment companies to exploit tech platforms (AI, AR, esports, etc.) that drive higher engagement and conversion.
  5. Further develop sports and wellness tourism by partnering with local teams and relevant organizations to attract new events and engage new market segments.
  6. Build deeper relationships with travel professionals to expand pre/post cruise market and capture more cruise industry events.
  7. Further develop Asia-readiness program.
  8. Increase in-house hotel group business lead generation and target right-sized events for MBCC.
  9. Evolve the Multicultural Tourism and Development effort.