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Stronger Community Alignment

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As the visitor economy grows, it’s imperative for the GMCVB to elevate its local community advocacy to ensure civic organizations and residents understand the value of leisure travel, meetings and conventions and large events. The economic benefits of tourism are essential to the prosperity of local communities. By generating taxes, driving economic development and sustaining jobs, tourism improves residents’ quality of life. Community members across the county are eager to participate in the development of their neighborhoods, but they don’t necessarily feel they have a platform to participate.


  1. Expand messaging about economic benefits of tourism to elected officials to include community building and equitable opportunity.
  2. Expand local education of residents on the economic and social benefits of the visitor economy.
  3. Expand resident sentiment surveys to gauge the visitor economy’s impact on local quality of life; include resident sentiment as primary key performance indicators.
  4. Collaborate with businesses, non-profits, economic development organizations, academic institutions and government as an incubator to stimulate new Greater Miami-based businesses.
  5. Invest time and resources to support the transformation of heritage neighborhoods as beacons for inclusive community tourism development.
  6. Regulate short-term rentals and collect taxes where legal to protect Greater Miami neighborhoods.