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Discover Little Haiti, from its lively arts and culture to its rich Creole flavors

Characterized by the Victorian architecture found in parts of the Caribbean, Little Haiti is the heart and soul of Miami’s Haitian community. Local venues and businesses such as the Caribbean Marketplace and Libreri Mapou, a bookstore devoted to Haitian literature in French, Creole and English, stand out with their high-pitched roofs and bright pastel colors. Located about five miles north of Downtown Miami, Little Haiti’s main attractions are centered around the Northeast 2nd Avenue corridor.

A thriving arts scene has taken root, with contemporary galleries like Nina Johnson and Emerson Dorsch joining longtime institutions such as the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, where Haitian art is on display and a theater hosts Afro-Caribbean musical performances and folk dancing. Serious music lovers know that Sweat Records has long held court as a community gathering place where patrons sift through vintage and hard-to-find records and enjoy live music and other performances in the backyard.

Of course, Little Haiti is a fabulous place to sample authentic Haitian and other Caribbean cuisine. Chef Creole, with its signature Haitian recipes that focus on seafood, including whole fish, seafood criollo stew and platters of fried lobster, shrimp and fish. It also serves up a delicious traditional pork griot stew. As with the art scene, new hip dining destinations have also popped up. The Citadel is a unique creative space combining food hall delights with maker-driven retail and a rooftop lounge for live music, all in celebration of Miami’s diverse and creative community.

Little Haiti: La Petite Haiti

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Truly a treat for the senses, in Little Haiti you'll see vibrant colors, feel home-spun textiles, taste authentic Caribbean cuisine, and tap your foot along to the Haitian beats.

Little Haiti Heritage
Little Haiti Heritage

Little Haiti Heritage

It's So Miami: Little Haiti
It's So Miami: Little Haiti

It's So Miami: Little Haiti

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