Miami’s Innovative Concrete Beach Brewery

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By: Miami New Times Writer

With the rapidly expanding movement towards incredible, locally-made craft beer, Miami is the place to be if you consider yourself a beer lover. Whether you’re a brew aficionado or simply enjoy a refreshing pint, Miami is home to some of the best craft beers in the state. As the best breweries in Miami continue to raise the bar when it comes to locally-crafted beers, there’s one in particular that stands out from the crowd.

Concrete Beach, in the Wynwood Arts District, has earned a coveted spot as a favorite of in-the-know Miami locals, garnering major attention for its carefully curated selection of handcrafted brews. The brewery’s slogan is “Drink Art, Make Beer,” summing up its artisanal approach to beer-making. Balancing between a classic, almost purist mindset and a willingness to push brewing boundaries, Concrete Beach has found its sweet spot in the craft beer community.

A Brewery with a Hometown Feel and an Innovative Design

One of the reasons that Concrete Beach has been such a hit in Miami is the welcoming, laidback vibe that’s apparent from the moment you walk through the doors. It’s also apparent that it’s an operation headed by people who are simply passionate about good beer, but the knowledge and experience of their brewing team is completely free of the brew-elitist attitude that often comes standard at artisanal breweries. Here, beer experts and novices alike are welcome, and the friendly atmosphere makes it an enjoyable place to learn about the craft and sip a good brew.

Instead of a traditional taproom, Concrete Beach has what its founders call a “social hall.” The large circular space features a stage and split seating, making the brewery more than just a place to drink – it’s also a place for the community to gather and enjoy live music, theater performances, and other cultural experiences. In the brew house itself, 20 barrels allow an impressive production volume of about 630 gallons per brew, allowing Concrete Beach to effectively craft beer to distribute throughout several area retailers and restaurants and reach many satisfied craft beer lovers.

A Dream Fueled by a Love of Beer

For those in the craft beer community, the name Alan Newman is one that’s pretty well-known. He started out as the founder of Magic Hat Brewing Company, where he worked for 17 years. After a short-lived departure from the world of beer, Newman’s longtime friend Jim Koch persuaded him to rejoin the brewing industry. One thing led to another, and Newman found himself taking a leading role at Alchemy & Science, created by Koch to function as an incubator of sorts for the craft brew industry.

Concrete Beach is just one of several craft beer brands under the Alchemy & Science umbrella, with Miami chosen largely for the sentimental value it holds for Newman. Decades of visiting the Miami area, specifically Wynwood, led Newman to the realization that the local culture was the perfect fit for the unique, culturally-oriented brewery he wanted to create. One of the founding principles of Concrete Beach is multiculturism, with Newman determined to connect with a diverse range of people to nurture a love for locally-crafted beer.

A Selection of Craft Beers for the People, By the People

Another foundational belief of the team at Concrete Beach is that the people of Miami can and should play a significant role in the beers that are crafted at the brew house. There’s a purist element to many of their beers, but the door is always open for new flavors and experimentation. By achieving a good balance of adventurous and classic brews, Concrete Beach is a brewery that truly has something for every beer palate. Here are just a few of the highlights of their ever-changing line-up of craft beers:

  • The Havana Lager took home the bronze medal in the Vienna-Style Lager category at the 2018 World Beer Cup, earning major accolades for its distinct flavor. Deliciously crisp and clean, the beer has a gentle malty sweetness and is pleasantly smooth.
  • The Stiltsville Pilsner is homage to the legendary Biscayne Bay village of the same name, crafted to embody the spirit of the unique community in its fruity hop aromas and light, crisp flavors.
  • The Rosé Ale is one of Concrete Beach’s most unique beers, created with the popular rosé wine in mind. The beer’s rich pink hue is undeniably eye-catching, and the flavor is a fresh combination of Zinfandel grape, tannins, blueberry, and subtle sweetness.
  • The Más Hops brew is a Double IPA that achieves a flavorful balance of high hops and malty body. Notes of citrus and pine segway into the bright taste of orange and grapefruit zest, making this beer the perfect refreshment on a sultry Miami day.

To try one of the craft beers on tap at Concrete Beach, visit their brewery in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District. Or, bring Concrete Beach home with you by purchasing the brewery’s premium beers at a handful of local retailers throughout the Miami area. Learn more about Concrete Beach and their brewing mission.

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