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Greater Miami & Miami Beach hosts a dynamic dance scene that represents an
incredibly diverse variety of genres and cultures. A melting pot of Latin, Caribbean and European styles sets the stage for vibrant energy from this close-knit dance community. You’ll find both contemporary and modern dance genres, with a foundation of classical influences.

Miami’s excellent dance companies create a scene that is in constant forward motion. Anchoring the community is the esteemed Miami City Ballet, founded in 1985. It
produces a full season of classical and modern works by an international cast of more than 40 professional dancers.

Contemporary and modern dance is performed by local companies such as Dance Now! Miami and Momentum Dance Company. Fresh international styles can be found in the performances of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, IFE-ILE Dance Company and the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami. Peter London Global Dance Company brings Caribbean flair to the stage with its dynamic ensemble.

Take a closer look at some world-renowned Miami dance companies below, and find out where you can see these incredible artists perform.

Miami Dance Companies

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