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Looking to savor some of Greater Miami & Miami Beach’s signature flavors? Don’t miss this world-famous tropical fruit stand in South Dade that is a popular stop on your way to Everglades National Park

Offering a fresh selection of fruits and vegetables you already know – like mangos, avocados and coconuts – Robert Is Here also grows some truly exotic tropical fruits you may never have heard of before.

Robert of Robert is Here
The little boy named Robert, who still works at Robert Is Here today 

The Story Behind the Name

But first, the obvious question: Where did the name Robert Is Here come from?

It’s an amazing story about a little boy who opened a fruit stand in 1959 at age 6 to help his father sell produce from the family farm. To get the attention of folks passing by, Robert’s dad scrawled the words “Robert Is Here” on signs placed on each side of the table. That day, Robert sold out all his produce by noon – and a budding farmer and entrepreneur was born. The farm stand not only gained a name that day, but has gained a loyal following ever since.

And that little boy? Robert himself still works the stand today.

Fresh Fruit Shakes at Robert is Here
Robert Is Here is famous for its fresh fruit shakes, including Key lime

Produce, Treats & Entertainment

Robert’s impressive selection of fresh fruit has garnered the attention of major media outlets like NBC’s Today Show, Thrillist and The Washington Post, but you’ll find more here than just produce. He and his team also whip up some pretty incredible fresh-fruit milkshakes, including a famous Key Lime Shake. And for kids who don’t get excited about fruits and vegetables (what?!), there’s an aviary with interesting exotic birds to see as well as an animal farm where your kids can hand-feed animals.

But more than just a fruit stand, Robert Is Here is a true Miami treasure – a gathering place for family and friends to enjoy a sunny afternoon in South Dade. Throughout the year, there’s live music every weekend.

Now, back to all that delicious fruit! Here’s just a taste of some of the exotic options you’ll find.


As the largest tropical fruit that grows on trees, a single Jackfruit can weigh up to 80 pounds. The skin resembles a green sea urchin, and inside is a soft orange fruit featuring a pineapple-vanilla flavor. Jackfruit grows in the summer.

Admiring the Fruit
A family shops at Robert Is Here


Another fruit that grows in summertime, guanabana has a similar green prickly skin as the jackfruit. When the fruit is ripe, the skin is extremely soft and can be opened with your hands. Robert says the pockets of fruit you’ll find inside taste like “pineapple cotton candy.” Yes, please!

Variety of Fruit
The farm stand offers a huge variety of fruits and vegetables many visitors will likely not have seen before

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit has a bright pink skin protecting white fruit inside, which has small black seeds. The best way to enjoy it is to simply cut it in half and eat the inside with a spoon. It tastes like a blend of raspberry, strawberry and kiwi. Dragon fruit grows in the summer and fall.

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