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It’s no secret that going vegan can sometimes mean having to say goodbye to some classic cuisine favorites – and for some vegans, those farewells are forever. But luckily for vegans in Miami, the happy couple at Happy Vegan Bakers Café is serving up a delicious assortment of vegan dishes in a friendly, laidback atmosphere.

With a menu comprised of what the owners describe as the “vegan version of all your favorite Hispanic soul food,” this café covers all the bases from sweet to savory. Whether you’re just stopping for a quick bite or craving a hearty vegan meal, Happy Vegan Bakers Café in Hialeah, is sure to satisfy.

A Vegan Diner’s Dream Born in Miami

Here, you’ll be able to order without having to inquire about every item’s ingredients, and there’s no need for worry about an unexpected non-vegan element - at Happy Vegan Bakers Café, the entire menu is perfectly plant-based. Owned by business and life partners, Stephanie and Natalie Otero, the couple had a vision for a compassionate way of eating that didn’t sacrifice on flavor, the café was inspired by the founders’ nostalgia for the favorite foods of their childhood and beyond – many of which they missed since transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

Instead of giving up on the foods that they loved, the creators of Happy Vegan Bakers Café got to work in the kitchen, recreating the dishes they grew up with. They knew that if they were noticing a need for great homestyle vegan food in Miami, the odds were that other vegans were too. So, in 2014, they began making cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and other vegan-friendly sweet treats for friends and family. Then, their efforts expanded to include comfort foods, like empanadas and pastelitos, as they worked from a space in the beloved El Tejadito Bakery in Miami.

Word spread quickly, and the vegan pastelitos began making their way into vegan restaurants and shops all over South Florida. As more and more Miami vegans added Happy Vegan Bakers Café to their list of go-to favorites, the small space they were cooking from in El Tejadito’s kitchen quickly became too small. Today, much to the excitement of vegans all over South Florida, Happy Vegan Bakers Café has now expanded into its own vegan restaurant and bakery in the heart of Hialeah.

Prepare to Discover Your Newest Favorite Vegan Dishes

From the moment you walk in, Happy Vegan Bakers Café welcomes you with a cheerful ambiance and a bright, charming space. With a chic farmhouse feel and gorgeous greenery throughout the café, you’ll feel like you’re settling into a friend’s home – albeit a very stylish one.

The menu is filled with a well-rounded assortment of Colombian-style bites that you won’t find in many other vegan restaurants, making Happy Vegan Bakers Café stand out in the Miami culinary community.

Your heart, soul, and appetite will be filled with the delicious dishes emerging from the Happy Vegan Bakers kitchen, which range from classic empanadas to pizza boats with a vegan spin. Enjoy one of the café’s signature coffees with your meal or cool off with a sweet juice - a tasty complement to just about everything on the menu. The staff is always more than happy to recommend something new to try, so don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions if you’re a first-time visitor.

In case you aren’t sure what to choose on the Happy Vegan Bakers Café menu, here are a few of our favorites:

Guava n "Cheeze" Pastelito

Guava and cheese are a sweet and savory match made in flavor heaven, but the pairing is usually off the table for vegans. But at Happy Vegan Bakers Café, you can indulge in the Guava n "Cheeze" Pastelito, a completely dairy-free and plant-based pastry that’s serious competition for the original.


Crispy, crunchy, and perfectly fried, the croquetas are a crave-worthy addition to any order at the café.

"Meat" & Potato Empanada

Despite not having a single ounce of traditional meat, this vegan "Meat" & Potato Empanada has an incredibly rich, savory taste that might surprise even your meat-eating friends. Together with seasoned potatoes, the meat alternative fills a traditionally-made empanada that would make a Latin grandma proud.

Papa Rellena

Another Latin cuisine classic turned vegan-friendly, the Papa Rellena is a must-try, that Happy Vegan Bakers Café regulars consistently rave about.

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