Best Restaurants in Allapattah

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Ashlee Thomas

Allapattah is home to bodega-style eateries for a quick and easy bite in the heart of Miami.

These are cozy, quaint places created for locals to stop in for a quick bite before heading to the docks, the construction site, the farms or the office. They are homegrown restaurants with family members serving up desayuno (breakfast) and café. From Cuban to American coffee and everything in between, Allapattah marks the newest center of intercultural fusion in Miami. No matter where in the world one travels, everyone needs to eat. Here are some fantastic spots in a hidden gem called Allapattah.

El Tipico

Quite popular in many Hispanic countries, El Tipico (the typical or traditional) is a style of restaurant that offers one of the most authentic ways to experience a culture outside of its native land. Honduran, Dominican and Venezuelan Tipicos bring a piece of home to the States. With authentic cuisine, music and language, they come as close as you can to offering the feeling of traveling without needing to have your passport stamped. Here are two Tipicos to explore in Allapattah.

Club Tipico Dominicano dance floor
Dance until the wee hours at Club Tipico Dominicano

Club Tipico Dominicano

Club Tipico Dominicano is a restaurant and bar where you can dine and dance until the wee hours of the morning. Order a great meal, dine in with family and brush up on that bachata, merengue, cumbia or salsa. You'll find comfort foods and Dominican favorites here: empanadas, Dominican-style sausages, soups, chicken and tapas. Perfect for budget-conscious travelers. Delicious food at locals' prices – and a marvelous dance floor. 

Location: 1344 NW 36th St. | Miami, FL 33142 | (305) 634-7819

Tipico Centroamericano Café

A fusion of Latin and American culture, Tipico Centroamericano Café delivers Honduran-style cuisine. From queso seco (dry cheese) to yuca (cassava), and queso frito (fried cheese), sopas (soups), you'll discover an array of savory foods spiced to perfection. The menu also highlights some American diner classics: steak and eggs with a dash of hash browns. Yum.

Location: 1680 NW 36th St. | Miami, FL 33142 | (305) 637-6607

Other Delicious Landmarks

Papo Llega Y Pon

This sandwich bar is one of the best ever. Come down town to Allapattah for the tastiest Cuban sandwiches and other fare at Papo Llega Y Pon. There's always a line but the wait is short. Join the hundreds of other lovers of Papo's pan con lechon (pork sandwich), stuffed fritters, classic ham and cheese sandwiches, soups, stews, tres leches (dessert made with three types of milk) and more. Milkshakes and fresh pressed juices are on deck to complete the meal.

Location: 2928 NW 17th Ave. | Miami, FL 33142 | (305) 635-0137

Pastellitos de guayaba
Enjoy more than pastelitos at Miami Bakery

Miami Bakery

Don’t be fooled by the name, Miami Bakery isn’t only about sweet treats. It serves up a full hot and savory menu. This icon in Allapattah has a menu with more than a few options: camarones (shrimp), sopas (soups), arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), pechuga a la plancha (grilled chicken breast), jugo fresco (fresh juice) and more. Brush up on your Spanish when placing your order. This budget-friendly spot serves very large portions. Enjoy!

Location: 1990 NW 22nd Ave. | Miami, FL 33125 | (305) 638-4100

Nitin Bakery

Want the best Dominican cakes in Miami? Look no further. Nitin Bakery delivers the goods. For weddings, baby showers and quinceañeras (sweet 15’s parties), Nitin Bakery is all about cake, cake and more cake! Although the bakery mainly specializes in wholesale and special events, those looking to grab some treats on the go can try some traditional Dominican and Latin favorites: yuca, empanadas (turnovers), pastelitos (pastries) and café (coffee).

Location: 3100 NW 17th Ave. | Miami, FL 33142 | (305) 637-0017

Traditional & Contemporary American

These three spaces infuse Allapattah with traditional and contemporary American cuisine, and – oh yes – coffee!

Hometown BBQ meal
Hometown BBQ serves slide-off-the-bone goodness

Hometown BBQ

New York City’s Hometown BBQ has made Miami its second home. Come in for succulent brisket, pulled pork, smoked wings, mac and cheese, and more. It offers a slice of American-style barbeque sprinkled with Latin favorites like fried yucca, Oaxacan chicken and new creations like Juan’s burnt end Frito pie. Hometown BBQ Miami also boasts a full bar serving craft beer and a lush cocktail menu. They recommend dining in a group because portions are well-priced and the perfect size for sharing. Check them out for some mouthwatering, slide-off-the-bone goodness.

Location: 1200 NW 22nd St. #100 | Miami, FL 33142 | (305) 396-4551

Smart Bites

Smart Bites is making a splash as the only meal delivery program that lets customers try the food before they sign up. Not looking for a meal plan? No problem. Dine in for some nutritious and delicious soups, salads, bowls, burgers, sandwiches and bites. They boast a paleo, vegan and gluten-free menu with locally sourced organic greens from their very own smart farm project (guests can even visit the farm). Great for the taste buds, local farms and those with special dietary needs. Online orders are welcome.

Location: 791 NW 20th St. | Miami, FL 33127 | (305) 894-6325

Deco Coffee Co.
Enjoy home-brewed coffee at Deco Coffee Co.

Deco Coffee Co.

Deco Coffee Co. can get the caffeine flowing through those veins with their delicious blends. You'll enjoy each cup even more knowing that every purchase supports Deco’s philanthropic initiatives. With an in-house roaster, Deco Coffee Co. ensures that local employees learn all about the art of roasting coffee. Enjoy a pastry and delicious cup of coffee in the heart of Allapattah. Don’t leave empty handed or grab a bag of their coffee beans as a gift for a friend and make new memories.

Location: 1298 NW 29th St. | Allapattah, FL 33142 | (786) 536-5089

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