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Joe's Stone Crab

Joe's Stone Crab

Robert Is Here Fruit Stand

Robert Is Here Fruit Stand

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By: Melina Martinez-Echeverria

Craving Miami's cool, hip vibe and beautiful beaches, but can’t make it here just yet? Well, you’re in luck, because these local partners can ship a taste of Miami to you! Get a piece of your favorite destination at your doorstep without leaving your home! Why not add these items to your next on-line retail therapy session—for yourself, or as great gifts for any occasion!

Order Seafood from Joe's

If you’re craving some of those famous Miami stone crabs, we’ve got great news for you! Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant, established in 1913 on Miami Beach as a small lunch counter, offers packages delivered straight to your home, anywhere in the U.S. The package arrives complete with their creamy signature mustard sauce, and don’t worry, they also include bibs with that finger-licking feast. Also be sure to try their Alaskan King Crab, Lobster Tails and Crab Cakes. This place is truly a vintage piece of Miami!

Robert Is Here
Taste tropical flavors at Robert Is Here

Enjoy Tropical Flavors

How about some Everglades Tropical Flowers Honey to drizzle on your avocado toast, or Florida Key Lime BBQ Sauce for perfect summer grilling? Maybe some delicious Florida Fuzzy Navel Jam for your fluffy protein pancakes? Robert is Here is the spot! This family-owned and operated fruit stand and farm in Homestead, since 1959, specializes in products made from rare and exotic fruits and vegetables. It’s a must-visit when you are in Miami, but in the meantime, get a taste of all their specialty items now, including dressings, fruit butters, marmalades, relishes, salsas and more. These tropical-flavored products are the next best thing to actually being in paradise, and fortunately, they deliver throughout the U.S.

Sample aromatic coffee

If coffee is your vice, then Miami’s local coffee roaster, Panther Coffee, specializes in the small-batch roasting of coffee beans, and delivers within the U.S. They source, roast, and prepare some of the finest coffees in the world and you can recreate that flavor in your own kitchen. Their coffees have been selected for taste as well as individuality and origin, and from those, they also craft coffee blends. Part of being a good barista is having the best coffee beans and Panther’s excellent quality and flavor will not disappoint.

Get Schnebly's tropical wines delivered to your home

Sample Wines from Miami's tropical fruits

In the Redland area of South Miami, Schnebly Winery creates wines out of indigenous tropical fruit—think, mangos, lychee, passion fruit, guava, star fruit, coconut and even avocado. An exotic wine named Cat 3 Hurricane, blends lychee, guava, and carambola with a refreshing citrus note that is sure to please. We’ll bet that you’ve never tried a sweet avocado wine or a dry CocoVino with notes of lemongrass and coconut! With Schnebly’s Virtual Wine Tasting Packages you can choose from sweet, dry or tropical wines—and their signature wine glasses will even be included. They deliver within the U.S. so stock up because their wine is the perfect adult beverage for any occasion!

Enjoy Creole and Caribbean Spices

Chef Creole Seasoned Kitchen is not only a top restaurant in Miami with six locations, but their seasonings are what takes their already delicious food to the next level! A delicious blend of Creole flavors with a touch of the Caribbean, these unique spices will really enhance the flavor of your meats, fish and stews. Chef Creole’s marinades, kremas, pikliz and tartar sauces, are all made with Miami’s multicultural vibe and Caribbean roots. So get ready for a flavor explosion that brings your tastebuds to Miami!

Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co.
Order authentic cigars from Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co.

Try hand rolled authentic cuban Cigars

Other than from Cuba itself, Miami is the next best place to find authentic Cuban cigars. Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co. is a family-owned business located on Calle Ocho, in the Little Havana section of Miami. The Bello family has been making and selling premium hand-rolled Cuban-style cigars for over 100 years. Their very extensive knowledge and experience, along with their special techniques, have been passed down from generation to generation. This gives their cigar blends a signature style characterized by palatable smoothness and rich flavor—qualities that make these cigars a delectably exquisite find.

Savor Miami-flavored Chocolates

Exquisito Chocolates are a chocoholic’s dream! With the endless and unique flavor possibilities, all their recipes are refined to entice the most critical palate. They produce bean-to-bar chocolates using only the best and most ethically sourced cacao beans. Exquisito roasts and grinds their beans to perfection using only sugar, with no preservatives or additives. Try their classic Miami-flavor truffles, like Cafe con Leche and Little Guavana made with Redland grown guava. Craftsmanship, dedication, innovation, and lots of energy are involved in the making of these works of art and it reflects in their products. If your sweet tooth is always in overdrive, these chocolates are for you—and they even have Vegan options!

So now is as good a time as any—get these tastes of Miami delivered right to your doorstep!

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