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Please ensure that you and your customers are following these guidelines:


  • Exterior queuing is allowed while maintaining the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommended 6-foot distance between customers.
  • Interior queuing is allowed while maintaining distance of six (6) feet between customers.
  • Where possible, deliver take-out to vehicles or identify pick-up lanes for vehicles.
  • Suggest specific pick-up times.
  • A 5-foot pedestrian path must always be maintained outside of restaurants.
  • Dining on the right-of way for takeout customers is prohibited.
  • Maintain health and sanitary standards for all surfaces.
  • Use proper health precautions when handling credit/debit cards and cash.
  • Encourage food orders during off-peak hours.


  • Provide for deliveries to homes and offices.
  • Allow customers to specify where they would like their order to be left (e.g. doorstep or building lobby, etc.).
  • If customer signatures are required, hand sanitizer must be provided for driver and customer.
  • Restaurants are allowed to apply a service charge for deliveries.


  • Keep your distance. Social and physical distance must apply at all times.
  • Use hand sanitizers at all times, before and after transactions.
  • Minimize human contact, wash your hands and maintain good hygiene practices.